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Sunday: It's going to feel freezing (-3°C) today 🥶. There'll be uncomfortably low humidity today (dew point -10°C). Wind gusts over 25mph this morning (Force 6, strong breeze) 🌬️. @SthwarkWeather
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Southwark Cycles – a review of 2020

Southwark Cyclists is Southwark’s London Cycling Campaign local group. We are a volunteer-led group campaigning for safer and more inclusive cycling in Southwark. This blog outlines Southwark’s progress against this goal as well as the year 2020’s main successes and … Read More

Big increase in weekend cycling

Been counting cyclists on the A200 Jamaica Rd from my balcony for the last 11 months of pandemic.  The effect of successive lockdowns has been to trigger a large increase in cycling at weekends. For example as shown in the … Read More

February Newsletter – Keep Rye Lane Pedestrianised

Here’s our newsletter for February. If you want it straight to your inbox, then sign up here.

This month we have an update about the Dunwich Dynamo, news about upcoming consultations in Southwark, changes to Cycle Superhighway 7 and Cycleway … Read More

January Newsletter – We want Better Streets for Southwark

Here’s our newsletter for January. If you want it straight to your inbox, then sign up here.

Happy new year and welcome to our first newsletter of 2021. 

This month is all about Better Streets. Late last year … Read More

Southwark Council’s Climate Strategy

Southwark Council is consulting on their Climate Strategy.

Respond to the draft Climate Strategy consultation. Deadline is 15 January.

Below is our draft submission to the council. If you think we’ve missed something, contact us.

Southwark Cyclists’ response

The consultation … Read More

Dead bikes cluttering up bike stands

Due to popular demand and realising that this post was completely out of date, I am re-writing it. I’m told that getting dead bikes removed is “capillary activism” and since capillary motion defines as the ability of a liquid to … Read More

December Newsletter – 3 new LTNs coming to Southwark

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Healthy Rides are back and we’ll be reviewing Southwark’s Streetspace measures so far at our general meeting on Wednesday 9 December. We also … Read More

Healthy Rides 2019-20

What a year! In March had to stop for Lockdown 1. Then 6 person rides, then 20, then 6 again. Now in Lockdown 2 with no rides. When 6-person rides were allowed we ran up to 4 simultaneous rides on … Read More

3 New Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

At last week’s Environment Scrutiny Commission 3 new low traffic neighbourhoods were announced with £250,000 of support from Guys and St Thomas Charity. Each LTN is centred around schools with goals of enabling students to walk and cycle more.

The … Read More

November Newsletter – Southwark Cyclists AGM

Here’s our newsletter for November. If you want it straight to your inbox, then sign up here.

Our AGM is approaching – join us for a look back at the year. We are launching a short ‘Thank you’ campaign to … Read More