Volunteer with Southwark Cyclists

Do you want to make Southwark a better place for cycling? Get involved, no matter how much time you have to give.

If you’re interested in getting involved, come to one of our meetings on the second Wednesday of every month. Alternatively, contact us at southwark@lcc.org.uk. Below are some of the ways Southwark Cyclists volunteers make a difference.

I want to…

+Campaign for better streets

We run campaigns to build support for cycling and street improvements in our communities. In addition to supporting our current campaigns, you may wish to join the team behind their design. Southwark Cyclists campaigners help organise campaigning activities, attend council and stakeholder meetings, collate evidence through secondary and primary research and track progress to demonstrate impact.

If you’re interested in learning about local government and the strategy behind campaigning, contact Jakub at coordinator@southwarkcyclists.org.uk.

+Support infrastructure work

If you’re interested in the technical side of things, why not join our infrastructure team?

  • Can you help us respond to Southwark Council and TfL consultations? Use your local knowledge to improve proposed cycling schemes.
  • We have also been tracking Southwark’s progress on cycle routes they’ve promised. Help us update our infrastructure map.
  • Or are you interested in writing an occasional blog post, summarising current consultations and helping draft consultation guides for others to use?

If you’re interested in learning about transport policy and planning, contact Sean at Infrastructure@southwarkcyclists.org.uk.

+Experience the Dunwich Dynamo behind the scenes

The Dunwich Dynamo is a free annual semi-organised overnight ride from Hackney to Dunwich, on the Suffolk Coast. We have been returning riders from the Dunwich Dynamo for over 20 years as an annual fundraising event. If you’re not riding this year, why not join the festive atmosphere by being part of the team which helps over 1,000 cyclists get back to London.

If you’re interested in taking part in our annual fundraising event, greeting cyclists at the beach in Dunwich or back in London, contact Jakub at coordinator@southwarkcyclists.org.uk.

All proceeds help fund Southwark Cyclists’ activities and campaigning efforts.

+Fix bikes

We run Dr Bike events all year round. If you’re skilled with a spanner, or willing to learn, let us know. Contact Sally at bobsallyeva@ntlworld.com or text 07842 640 207.

+Design and lead social rides

We lead weekly Healthy Rides and are looking for ride leaders and back markers for these rides. We can even provide ride leader training. 

If you’re interested in designing a new cycling route and sharing the joy of cycling with link-minded people, contact Jakub at coordinator@southwarkcyclists.org.uk.

+Get creative

Want to use your creative skills to campaign for better streets? Photos, videos, infographics, blogs and articles to use on our website, social media and flyers help us run more effective campaigns.  

If you’re interested in applying your photography, filmography, graphic design, writing and storytelling skills to campaigning, contact Jakub at coordinator@southwarkcyclists.org.uk.

+Catch speeding drivers

Join a community speedwatch and learn how to use a radar gun. Contact Kevin of the Met Police at kevin.j.phillips@met.police.uk if you’d like to join.