Southwark council has recently launched consultations on two much needed schemes. Check below for our response guides. We’ll also be posting our official response when it’s complete.

It’s important to strongly support these consultations. If you feel something is missing, mention that with your statement of support.

Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich – Phase 3

This is a bold plan that will reduce ratrunning, and together with traffic evaporation, reduce air pollution in the area. The suggested filter at Calton Ave and Court Lane will make this portion of Quietway 7 safe and pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Read our response guide and see how else you can support this scheme.

The deadline is 29 March, 2020.

Champion Hill ‘No Entry’

There has been a trial of a no entry on Champion Hill, preventing northbound motor traffic while allowing cycles, since February 2019. This filter prevents rat running along this section of the Quietway 7 route resulting in an overall decrease in traffic in the area and an increase in cycling.

Southwark Council is consulting on making this filter permanent. The consultation also includes cycling and walking improvements on Dog Kennel Hill Junction.

Residents have told us this has made walking and cycling much more plesant as car traffic has reduced. We have analysed the monitoring report from the trial and found that in addition to reductions in traffic on Champion Hill, there is no evidence of significant negative impacts on the surrounding streets. We strongly support this consultation.

Respond to the consultation

The deadline is 15 March, 2020.

Sumner Street

The council is proposing pedestrian improvements near Tate Modern. We’ll have more on these plans soon, but in the meantime support this scheme.

Respond to the consultation

The deadline is 8 March, 2020.

Peckham High Street

This area has a very poor pedestrian safety record and urgent changes are needed.  We support this interim scheme that will make crossings safer for people on foot, as well as improve the shared crossing from the Arch to Rye Lane.

Respond to the Peckham High Street Consultation

The deadline is 12 March, 2020.


For the full list of consultations affecting Southwark, go to: and

If we’re tracking Southwark or TfL consultations related to cycling we’ll list them here. Contact the site admin if you want editing permission.  But usually better to discuss on the Google Group.