Below are current consultations in Southwark. The council and TfL consult on changes to the road systems in Southwark. Schemes rely on support to be built and are frequently opposed, so it’s very important that you strongly support projects that will improve cycling conditions in Southwark.

Read below to see our thoughts on current schemes. If you think we’ve missed something, let us know.

Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich – Phase 3

This is a bold plan that will reduce ratrunning, and together with traffic evaporation, reduce air pollution in the area. The suggested filter at Calton Ave and Court Lane will make this portion of Quietway 7 safe and pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists alike. We strongly support this scheme.

Read our response guide and see how else you can support this scheme.

The deadline is 29 March, 2020.


For the full list of consultations affecting Southwark, go to: and

If we’re tracking Southwark or TfL consultations related to cycling we’ll list them here. Contact the site admin if you want editing permission.  But usually better to discuss on the Google Group.