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CS4 – Cycle Superhighway 4 – Tooley St to Lower Rd

This is an important development for cycling in Southwark. The consultation will end Nov 19th 2017. Consultation documents at

We are planning a campaign to strongly support this scheme.  As part of this campaign a series of documents have been prepared to help deal with possible arguments against.  These documents look at the proposals from the point of view of pedestrians, drivers and bus users.  Overall the design of CS4 is very efficient in its use of road space and has managed to fit in a segregated cycle lane without reducing motor transport capacity.  There are also some nice pedestrian features (3 more crossings, for example).

Go to the CS4 page to get the detail.  Southwark Cyclists and the London Cycling Campaign will be responding and our draft consultation response will be posted here and on the Google Group.  But please also respond to the consultation as an individual, especially if you live or work close to the route, by strongly supporting it.

For the full list of consultations affecting Southwark, go to: and

If we’re tracking Southwark or TfL consultations related to cycling we’ll list them here. Contact the site admin if you want editing permission.  But usually better to discuss on the Google Group.