Below are current consultations in Southwark. The council and TfL consult on changes to the road systems in Southwark. Schemes rely on support to be built and are frequently opposed, so it’s very important that you strongly support projects that will improve cycling conditions in Southwark.

Read below to see our thoughts on current schemes. If you think we’ve missed something, let us know.

Southwark Streetspace Commonplace Maps

Southwark Council has launched Commonplace pages to get opinions and concerns about the temporary measures they have implemented as part of their Streetspace plan. To learn more about the Southwark Streetspace plan, click here. If you live near or travel through these areas, you can leave suggestions on the map, or agree with others.

  • Dulwich Village Streetspace – Dulwich Village now has a village square with road space handed over from cars to people. This makes the junction much safer for cycling (it is part of Cycleway 17) and more efficient for motor traffic.
    This was originally part of the Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich proposal, but has now been implemented with temporary materials. We fully support these temporary measures and hope they are made permanent. More will be announced to complement this soon as part of Phase 2.
  • East Dulwich Streetspace – Melbourne Grove now has a temporary filter south of Tell Grove. This was also part of the Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich proposal. This stops a rat run and makes the junction with East Dulwich Grove much safer. We support this measure.
  • Peckham Rye Streetspace – Rye Lane has been closed from motor traffic. This has been a long needed change as it is a very busy high street without space for physical distancing. Have your say on this change.
  • Walworth Streetspace – Southwark is implementing a Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Walworth. This will make the area much safer, reduce air pollution, and enable more people to walk and cycle. We strongly support these measures.

For the full list of consultations affecting Southwark, go to: and

If we’re tracking Southwark or TfL consultations related to cycling we’ll list them here. Contact the site admin if you want editing permission.  But usually better to discuss on the Google Group.