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Current Consultations

Consultations – September 26th 2016

I’m tracking Southwark consultations related to cycling here. Contact me if you want editing permission.
My sources are and

*New consultations:*

– Peckham Road South parking review – *21st October*

– Rotherhithe parking review – *21st October*

– *Quietway 8 – Kennington to Burgess Park – 28th October – Route
– This will be important. Local knowledge of traffic conditions,
obstacles, preferred alternatives, etc, very welcome. We’ll have to talk to
Lambeth Cyclists.

*Consultations still open:*

– One Tree Hill renovations

If you know of any improvements for cyclists to make whilst they’re fixing
path surfaces, lighting, etc, please respond and say so! (E.g.
cycle-friendly surfacing, drainage, path widths – I’m not local enough, I
have no idea.) There can be an official Southwark Cyclists response if
there are any major issues.

– Old Kent Road – QW1 crossing
– *closes 9th October*

This is the route between Quietway 1 and Burgess Park. Bruce Lynn is
drafting a response, please respond to the relevant thread with comments.
So far:
– We support the Mawbey Road / Glengall Road junction changes
– We note that changes to bus lanes and pavements may need redoing subject
to the positioning of segregated cycle ways here in the next couple of years

– Old Kent Road Area Action Plan.
– *closes 4th November*

We will certainly want everyone to respond to Q13 saying that we want
segregated cycle lanes! We’re organising a big campaign on this – contact
if you can help with leaflet/website design, handing out leaflets, waving
signs at commuters, or any other ideas you have!

– Rye Hill and Rutley Close housing developments & others – *15th/18th

We have an ongoing project to get the the council integrating cycling into
their developments. If you have any specific feedback on these
developments, please say. If you want to volunteer for the overall
prodding-the-council project, you would be very welcome.

*Non-Southwark consultations*
Tavistock cycle tracks
(Camden) *closes October 21st*
The new wider cycle tracks have been in place along Tavistock for a year
now. It is such a massive improvement on what was there before.
If you use the British Library, British Museum, Euston station, UCL, SOAS,
Regent’s Park – in short, if you want to cycle east-west through Bloomsbury
– this is a vital route. So please respond *Yes to Q6* and *No to Q7 *to
keep the new improved layout!

My sources are