Want to improve your local area? Whether it’s fixing a maintenance issue or campaigning for a low traffic neighbourhood, here’s how you can improve your street.

Quick Fixes

Do you know of a street that needs a small change to make it better for cycling? This could be a maintenance issue, the need for a dropped kerb, or perhaps a small change to make the layout friendlier for accessible or cargo cycles. We also welcome issues that make it difficult to walk (note new crossings and changes to traffic lights are beyond the scope of quick fixes). Fill out our Quick Fix form. We go through the list, and if your concern is indeed a quick fix we’ll share it with Southwark Council and try to get it fixed.

Submit your Quick Fix

Please note, you will have to be signed into a Google account since this is the only way we can accept photo uploads. If you don’t have a google account, please copy the text below, add your response, and email it to Southwark@lcc.org.uk.

Street name (or description of the location)*:

Map link of the issue (URL of the location on Google Maps or Streetview)*:

Description of the issue:*

Photos of the issue (please attach photos to your email. Photos must be smaller than 10 MB)

Contact information: If you’d like us to get back to you about any outcomes, please leave your name and email. This is optional. Note that even though we call these quick fixes, the Council has been under great financial pressure and it may still be a few months before we get in contact with you. We will not share your contact information with the Council or anyone else.



If you email us we will submit this information into our form. To respect data protection we will not enter your name or email unless you include them in the body of the email or explicitly state we can save your information to update you on the issue. If you do not, we will not be able to update you on the issue you submit.

Campaign for changes in your area

Would you like a protected cycle lane, a low traffic neighbourhood or improve your high street? We’re working closely with Better Streets for Southwark to support residents campaigning for these changes in their areas. Find out more here.