Southwark Cyclists is a mixed group of people who believe that cycling as transport is undervalued, under used and under supported.

We are regularly consulted on cycling issues and infrastructure, such as the redevelopment of Elephant & Castle, Camberwell, London Bridge area, design of the London Cycle Network, collision remedy schemes, location of cycle racks and standards for these, and making sure that cycling is well represented in Southwark’s bids for money from central government.

We campaign on all cycling issues in the borough, run events, cycle socially, carry out research, support London Cycling Campaign’s work, and usually manage to have fun in the process. Our successes are due to our very active membership which includes a team of fantastic volunteers and committee, but we always welcome new people. Why not give some time?

There are lots of options, every little helps and support will be given. No need to commit your life away!

Our mission, developed in 2019 by the Strategy Group, is to create a borough where:

By 2025 a child and their grandparents can cycle to any destination easily, safely and in clean air

We want low traffic neighbourhoods in all Southwark communities; a safe walking and cycling network to every school, high street and station; by 2025 no free car parking in the borough; and a school street for every borough school.

We also have a clear Equal Opportunities policy.

The borough has much to offer – it’s central, large, extremely diverse, steeped in history, brimming with the new, dotted with parks and waterways, home to the Mayor and full of opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you!