Our Vision is that a child and their grandparent can cycle to any Southwark destination, easily and safely

The key pillars to our vision are:

  • Low traffic neighbourhoods for all Southwark communities
  • Safe walking and cycling network to every school, high street and station
  • End free car parking by 2025
  • School street for every school in Southwark

We believe that active travel is a key solution to the climate emergency, illegal air pollution, and dangerous roads. Southwark needs to decarbonise our streets quickly, in particular by enabling people of all abilities to cycle.

Southwark Cyclists is a volunteer led group working for safer, better, and more inclusive cycling conditions in the borough. We are a local group of the London Cycling Campaign.

  • We work with and advocate for Southwark Council and Transport for London to improve conditions for cycling in and around our borough.
  • We run campaigns to build support for proposed cycle routes and other infrastructure improvements.
  • We lead easy-paced rides exploring different parts of Southwark every week of the year.
  • We host frequent bike repair events where we’ll fix your bike and give you advice on how to keep it mechanically sound.
  • And finally, we’ve been organising the return transportation for the Dunwich Dynamo, an annual cycle ride to the Suffolk coast, for the past twenty years.

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