Key Statement

Southwark Cyclists is committed to ensuring that it provides equal opportunities in all areas of its activities. The group fully supports all relevant legislation. We consider that access is of major importance in the implementation of this policy. By this, we mean that we are committed to ensuring that in all our services, activities, policy and management committee decisions we will make sure that every aspect of access is addressed.

Our commitment to opposing all discrimination must be evident in all aspects of our activities. We undertake to ensure that people providing services on behalf of this organisation will actively support this policy.

Southwark Cyclists strategy lists the activities and targets being pursued. These activities and targets should support this policy.

Southwark Cyclists group aims

  • More people on bikes
  • Better conditions for cyclists
  • Raised profile of cycling

Policy Aim

The aim of this policy is to ensure equal opportunities for all, irrespective of age, class, employment status, ethnic or national origins, impaired abilities, marital status, medical conditions, race, religious beliefs, responsibilities for children or dependants, sex, sexual orientation, or unrelated criminal convictions.

Policy Statements

Southwark Cyclists, through its work and activities, will not tolerate discrimination against people belonging to the above groups. Southwark Cyclists recognises that discrimination against people from the above groups is prevalent throughout society.

Southwark Cyclists members, the management committee and the London Cycling Campaign, to which Southwark Cyclists are affiliated, fully support this policy. In general, all members have a responsibility to comply with this policy to ensure equality for all.

  1. Southwark Cyclists openly welcomes all residents, employees and other users of the London Borough of Southwark.
  2. Southwark Cyclists aims to provide a volunteering environment in which all persons feel equally valued.
  3. Southwark Cyclists recognises that in planning and implementing an event, activity or training, it should, take action to ensure equal access in line with this policy.
  4. Southwark Cyclists will strive to achieve a membership whose composition reflects that of the wider community.
  5. Southwark Cyclists will strive to ensure that all its activities attract people from all sectors of the community and that its activities, wherever possible, do not discriminate against any group or groups.
  6. Southwark Cyclists will strive to ensure in order to attract people from the wider community, appropriate media resources are used.
  7. Southwark Cyclists will regularly update the Southwark Cyclist strategy to set specific goals to move Southwark Cyclists to meet our Equal Opportunities aims.

Closing Statement

Southwark Cyclists are firmly committed to equal opportunities and actively seeks to promote it in all aspects of our activities. We believe that equal opportunities are not a static issue but one that is constantly changing and evolving. It is our intention to be sensitive to requirements and adapt to meet the needs of our members and the wider community of the Borough of Southwark.

Agreed 20 September 1999