Want to start cycling?

Request FREE individual or family cycle training from Southwark Council. Even if you are an adult who has never ridden a bike, there is training for you.

Not sure of the best way to get where you want to go? Want someone to join you on your first rides to work or school? Why not use our free Bike Taxi? We help you plan your route, and ride with you (and your children) to build your confidence on the road. Read more about the Bike Taxi.

Cycling for all – trikes, recumbents, hand-cycles and side-by-sides – at Wheels for Wellbeing

Bike parking

Locking up your bike outside? Make sure you do it properly to keep your bike safe.

Do you want a secure bike hanger or locker near you? Take a look at our guide to get Southwark to install bike parking on your street.

London Cycling Campaign’s parking map can tell you where parking already exists – or you can add where you need it.

It’s a good idea to register your bike with BikeRegister to help with recovery in the chance it gets stolen. It also works as a theft deterrent. Occasionally the Met will mark your bike for free. Follow us on twitter, we’ll let you know when we hear about marking events.

Bike need a tune-up?

Come along to Dr Bike. We’ll fix your bike or give expert advice with bigger problems. We’ll even teach you how to do it yourself if you’re keen. Sessions are 1st and 3rd Tuesdays all year, and 2nd and 4th Thursday during warmer months (paused due to Covid-19).


We run sociable, easy-paced rides every Saturday. Or you can find other organisations’ rides here.

Route planning

Plan your route with CycleStreets or Citymapper.

Where can you cycle to in 20 minutes? Pop a location on our map and see suggestions for local attractions in easy cycling distance!