1. The name of the group shall be “Southwark Cyclists” (or such other name as the group may decide at an Annual Meeting). This document is the governing document of Southwark Cyclists.
  2. Southwark Cyclists is established for the following objects. To:
    • encourage more people to cycle,
    • improve conditions for cyclists,
    • raise the profile of cycling.
  3. Southwark Cyclists hereby has the powers to do any such thing that may reasonably and legally further the pursuit of its objects. And those powers will include, but are not limited to, fund-raising, fund-holding, the holding of assets, the employment of staff and contractors.
  4. Southwark Cyclists is a branch of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) and inherits the objects, powers and other rules of that parent body from the Memorandum and Articles of Association and standing orders of the LCC.
  5. Southwark Cyclists works towards Equal Opportunities for all and has a clear and separate Equal Opportunities policy.
  6. Southwark Cyclists are committed to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse. It has a separate Child Protection Policy that so aims to safeguard children by adopting child protection guidelines through procedures and a code of conduct.


  1. Membership of Southwark Cyclists is open to any member of the public (or organisation) who shares the aims of Southwark Cyclists. Formal membership in terms of voting etc. is limited to members of the London Cycling Campaign. It is hoped that all Southwark Cyclists members are paid-up members of the London Cycling Campaign.

Management Committee

  1. Southwark Cyclists shall be governed by a committee comprising not less than five members who shall each be appointed by a simple majority of members attending and voting at the Annual Meeting. The committee shall be known as the “Management Committee”:
  2. The Management Committee shall comprise the following roles:
    • Co-ordinator (chair)
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Two or more other members
  3. Members of the Management Committee shall be elected for a period of one year at the Annual Meeting and must be London Cycling Campaign members. Candidates will nominate themselves (or be nominated by another) and be seconded by at least one other person. In the event of more than one person being proposed, the matter shall be resolved by a simple majority of those voting in an immediate secret ballot.
  4. The Management Committee may temporarily fill any vacancy arising on the Committee, until the next Annual Meeting.
  5. Members of the Management Committee may not benefit financially or in any similar way from those positions.


  1. Southwark Cyclists and its Management Committee shall meet not less than once a month, and all members of Southwark Cyclists are encouraged to attend to take part in decisions. An Annual Meeting shall be held once a year. All members may attend and vote on decisions and elections of committee members. All meetings must be called with at least 7 days’ notice. An annual meeting needs 14 days’ notice.
  2. Southwark Cyclists can only be dissolved at an Annual Meeting. On dissolution, any assets will be transferred to the London Cycling Campaign. Any unspent grant money will first be offered back to the grant-making body.

Amendments to the Constitution

  1. Amendments to this Constitution may only be approved at an Annual Meeting.

Agreed unanimously, and for immediate implementation, at Southwark Cyclists Annual Meeting at City Hall on Wednesday, 12 October 2005.