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 I should confess straight away that I don’t know what the prizes will be. (The discerning will have noticed that the pictures doesn’t give anything away). But while we haven’t (yet) organised the prizes we have organised the rides. We can do that.

Southwark Cyclists is running a Cycle to Work (Cycle2Work – C2W) day on April 26th 2017. The national cycle to work day is in late September — just about the time the weather changes and even the hardiest soul gets marginally less committed.

We want more people who work in Southwark to cycle to work, cutting pollution for those who live here and clearing the roads for essential journeys and we think they are more likely to consider getting their bikes out in the spring.

On the great day there will be three key activities. Two Bike Trains, instead of one, in the morning and a Dr Bike in the evening.

One Bike Train is the usual one from Nunhead to Blackfriars. It will be leaving at the slightly later time of 7.50am, calling at Peckham Rye Statin (from the bike stands behind McDonalds) and arriving at Blackfriars around 8.40am.

The this-day-only one goes from North Dulwich through Denmark Hill to London Bridge. Again leaving North Dulwich 7.50am and arriving at London Bridge at the St Thomas’ Street entrance around 8.40am. Meet us at the junction of Townley Road and Greendale at 07.50am. We pass through Denmark Hill Station on our way so to be picked up there text Liz Eden on 07814 515 715.

If you want to practice the route on a day off, some lovely people have written a local history guide which is here: []. (If you practice the route on foot, we won’t mind!)The route of both rides is here: []

And Dr Bike will be fixing bikes on Dukes Hill (leads onto Tooley Street, next to the London Bridge Experience, opposite lower London Bridge Station entrance), on the great day. He will be there from 17.00 to 19.00 light and weather permitting. If you miss him on the 26th don’t worry. He will be back every month through the summer until the weather gets too cold. He’s coming on: 24th May, 28th June, 26th July, 23rd August, 27th September

Southwark Council, Better Bankside and Team London Bridge are encouraging their staff to take part so if you work for any of them you should know all about it. I know I mentioned prizes in the title and I shall do some more research to find out more about them. Watch this space (and get your bike ready)

More info on the virtues of cycling and links here: []. Also you can contact me or the co-ordinator Andy Cawdell (who is running the whole thing) on southwark at (substitute @ for the at to make it work) or text Sally on 07842 640 207.

So to recap: April 26th. Starting 7.50am and arriving around 8.40am. Free, with (unknown) prizes!!

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