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Cycle2work – 26th April 2017

Southwark Cyclists is running a Cycle to Work (Cycle2Work – C2W) day on April 26th 2017.

It is aimed at getting more people who work in Southwark  to cycle to work, so reducing road traffic volumes from out of borough vehicles driven by those who drive to work in Southwark

Interested employers should contact us.  We are also working through the Business Improvement Districts to promote this, and being supported by Southwark Council who are also participating.

Employer support is essential, including both organisational support and high-profile Senior Management participation. Past experience suggests that anxiety about the response of their employer discourages many would-be cyclists from attending.

Speaking to employees who have come on the Southwark Cyclists bike train, common fears are linked to both the journey (e.g. being late, being unable to park) and the employer’s response (e.g. that arriving dressed in cycling equipment and showering, or arriving in work clothing and not showering, will be viewed as inappropriate).  Encouragement from employers can alleviate these fears.

Therefore we are seeking employers willing to encourage their staff to come on the rides.

Proposed C2W day activities

Southwark Cyclists will organise the rides and bring employees in safely. If interested employers get in touch with us then we will arrange publicity and co-operate to meet the employer’s specific needs. For example, we could come in and give talks, run trial rides on preceding weekends, or discuss clothing and routes with employees.

Our past experience suggests that top-down encouragement is crucial. In order for Southwark Cyclists to run these activities, the employer would need to commit to giving high profile internal support to the day. At minimum this would be a clear statement by the Sr Management in support of staff participation, but preferably a number of inexpensive practical measures. For example, influential staff publicly pre-committing to joining in, or the company providing small rewards like croissants and coffee.


For the benefits of cycling for employers see TfL’s “Cycling for business” page. It explains how employees who cycle to work are healthier, which may reduce employee sick days and increase motivation. Encouraging cycling can also help to reduce pressure on car parking and lower business travel expenditure.

TfL’s Cycling Workplaces scheme offers a range of free or discounted goods and services to support cycling in the workplace. Participation in a Cycle to Work day could be part of an application for TfL-funded “Cycling Workplaces” goods and services.

If employers are interested in developing publicity, either in the local press or for internal Corporate Social Responsibility reasons, we are willing to discuss this in more detail.

Next Steps

To take part, contact Andy Cawdell or Sally Eva via Southwark “at”

This page will be updated as teh event develops.


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