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London’s Cycle Hire is one of the best ways to get people cycling – but it isn’t an option in most of South London. Getting the Cycle Hire system extended means showing Sadiq Kahn, TfL and the local boroughs that people want space for cycling.

Camberwell Grove, SE5 Looking southwards up Camberwell Grove.

Camberwell Grove. Credit: Malc McDonald

We need to convince Sadiq and TfL to extend cycle hire across Southwark, linking up with stations in Lambeth, and pushing along the river to Lewisham and Greenwich. This means proving that cycling and road safety is important to the people that work, shop and live in Southwark.

Extending cycle hire is also about equality. In Southwark a large number of households live in flats, tower blocks and sub-divided houses. People who can’t fit a bike in their home can’t cycle. We want to show Southwark and TfL that people from all over London support measures to reduce motorised through-traffic, install secure bike parking, and extend Cycle Hire.

Our One-Minute Action is to respond to Southwark’s Kerbside Strategy

Southwark Cyclists recommends that you:
• Reply with “Yes” or “Strongly Agree” in questions 2-8.
• In question 2, say that you support pedestrian improvements that calm traffic and reduce road danger for everyone, particularly by discouraging motorised through-traffic near schools.
• In question 3, demand funding for cycle parking, and the expansion of Santander Cycle Hire to New Cross Gate, Peckham and Camberwell.

If you want to give a more detailed response, you can read the full Southwark Cyclists Draft Kerbside Response. It covers walking, cycling, air pollution, delivery vehicles, controlled parking zones, shared mobility (e.g. car clubs), and street trees.

Respond to the consultation here.

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