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Southwark’s Cleaner, Greener, Safer fund is open for applications NOW (in fact it opened on September 9th).  The fund welcomes ideas put forward by local people to improve their local environment.  You can be an individuals or a group – but you must live or work in the community council area where you are proposing the scheme.

You can apply for funding for bike hangars and other cycle related paraphernalia in your area – either individually or with our help. Sheffield stands can be arranged free any time through the council but stuff like bike hangars, bike lockers and (amazingly) zebra crossings can be arranged through the fund.

If you feel your local area would be improved with some cycling infrastructure, find out more here.

You have until 07 November 2014 to apply. If you need further help and assistance contact the group and we will rush to your aid!

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