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Healthy Ride Report – 27th Sept 2014

10 am and 14 riders in Peckham Square for the start on a very mild morning. Big range of ages and abilities, so 4 riders decided we were too slow and headed off on their own. Aim to do a figure of 8 route to Waterlink Way (Nat Route 21) and back. Reached the Waterlink Way at Catford around 11am, so needed to turn for a 2 hour ride. But everyone wanted to continue towards Lower Sydenham, so agreed a 12.30 finish time. Turned at Bell Green Sainsbury’s after loo break. 5 riders wished to continue further, so headed on south down the Waterlink Way. Remaining 5 headed back via Blyth Hill. All were more healthy by the time they reached the summit, although it would take time for them to realise this. Route, with some suggestions for alternatives at tricky bits, at

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