Take Action: Support Space for Cycling on the Old Kent Road

Want protected cycle lanes down the Old Kent Road? Want to reduce air pollution and help kids cycle to school in one of London’s least healthy areas? We need to show that people support space for cycling, including people who don’t ride but see cycling as a way to get healthy streets.

It only takes one minutes to answer the three questions on cycling. Just make sure to write something like “The whole length of the Old Kent Road should have 2.5m protected cycle lanes on each side, as soon as possible.” in questions 6, 11 and 13. Replies must be in before November 4th. The online survey can be found at https://consultations.southwark.gov.uk/planning-and-regeneration/old-kent-road-aap/consultation/intro/view

The rest of this post explains how to respond to the public consultation in more detail. If you want to get involved with the rest of the Old Kent Road campaign, or have ideas for another campaign, then contact us. We always welcome new people and ideas, so don’t be shy.

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What is going on?
Southwark Council are currently consulting on the “Old Kent Road Area Action Plan”. This will guide new building and growth in the area for the next 20 years. If these plans don’t commit to building space for cycling, and if Southwark Council don’t see that there is public support for cycling, then it could be decades before we get another chance.

Space for Cycling on the Old Kent Road isn’t just about cyclists – it’s also about making one of London’s most polluted locations into a healthy street for people to walk, work and live around.

What do we want?
Protected cycle lanes on the Old Kent Road. Specifically, 2.5m protected cycle lanes down each side of the Old Kent Road. This will allow cyclists to travel in the same direction as the motor traffic, as has been done on Cycle Superhighway Two between Mile End and Stratford. You can see examples on Google Maps.

We also want good cycle infrastructure across the surrounding area – for more details on this see our full response.

Who will benefit?
Everyone! Protected cycle lanes make traffic simpler and safer for bikes, pedestrians, buses, cars and lorries.
Safe space for cycling means safe for everyone from 8 to 80 years old. It allows new people to start cycling, freeing up space on the bus and the road.

Cycle Lanes mean less air pollution for pedestrians, shoppers and residents. They would make the Old Kent Road a healthier place to be.

Although Southwark Cyclists is a cycle group, we work closely with the pedestrian group “Southwark Living Streets” and the sustainable transport group “Southwark Better Streets”. We will work together to make the Old Kent Road better for pedestrians, buses and cyclists, and for residents, visitors and shoppers.

What can I do?
The consultation is online at www.consultations.southwark.gov.uk/planning-and-regeneration/old-kent-road-aap. The consultation webpage explains what Southwark Council is proposing in more detail, and Southwark Cyclists’ full detailed response can be found here. But there are three questions relevant to cycling, and we suggest the following short answers:

Question 6: Do you agree with the overall vision for the Old Kent Road?
Overall: “Yes”
Comment: “There should be improved cycling infrastructure along the Old Kent Road and in surrounding areas. The whole length of the Old Kent Road should have 2.5m protected cycle lanes on each side.”

Question 11: Do you agree that the Bakerloo Line extension should be a key part of our overall vision for the area?
Comment: “An extension to the Bakerloo Line will take decades to build, we need protected cycle lanes along the Old Kent Road as soon as possible.”

Question 13: Do you agree with transforming the Old Kent Road into a modern boulevard with improved public realm for pedestrians, protection for cyclists and improved bus infrastructure along its entire length?

“The whole length of the Old Kent Road should have 2.5m protected cycle lanes on each side, in addition to improved public realm and bus infrastructure.”

Is that it?
If you want to know more, or to write a longer response that addresses the surrounding roads, cycle parking, or cycle hire, then Southwark Cyclists’ full response can be found here. You can also ask questions via our discussion group or visit our monthly meeting.


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