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Camberwell Grove without traffic. Image by Gylnn Jones

We’ve got an opportunity to save Quietway 7 in Camberwell, but we need your help.

We’ve made a ‘Take Action’ page that explains the issues and helps you through the consultation response. It’s – Send this link to your friends!

The Take Action page is the easiest, simplest way to answer the consultation, but read on if you want to know more.

Camberwell Grove and Quietway 7

Camberwell Grove is the middle section of what will soon be Quietway 7, and it includes a bridge that has been shut to motor vehicles since 2016.

Southwark Council are currently asking what you think about re-opening the bridge to motorists. So we need to show that there is popular support for keeping it closed.

The closure significantly reduces motor traffic on a route that bypasses the deadly junction at Camberwell Green. Keeping the closure will have wider benefits for Quietway 7, which runs from Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace. The original plans for Q7 proposed improvements to nearby roads and junctions that had to be dropped because there was too much motor traffic coming from Camberwell Grove.

Making the bridge closure permanent should unblock progress towards a quietway that is safe for cycling by all ages and abilities. It will improve walking routes to the shops, hospitals and public transport at Denmark Hill, and help children get to the two nearby schools.

Re-opening the bridge will not stop heavy lorries from getting diverted through the narrow roads around Lyndhurst Way and Chadwick Road. Supporting the bridge closure could be the first step towards reducing air pollution and road danger across the whole area between Peckham and Camberwell.

There are only two questions! So please, complete our One Minute Action by following this link

If you want to know more, visit our detailed response to the Camberwell Grove consultation.

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