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On July 10, 2020

Streets for Distancing: Our campaign asking the council to prioritise active travel in response to Covid-19

Southwark Council has just published their Streetspace Plan. This plan includes measures announced last month as well as new schemes. We wrote a blog outlining Southwark’s initial measures and today we will look at the new schemes.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your councillors today! We want them to know that it’s great to see this announcement and it’s urgent that they take further action. We have created a guide with a template to help you!

For full details of what Southwark has implemented and announced so far, see our tracking page or our interactive map.

Cycleway Improvements

Tanner Street to Willow Walk cycle route – This will improve the connection between Cycleway 4 and Quietway 1. A modal filter will be placed under the railway arch on Gedling Place, and cycle crossings will be upgraded on Abbey Street and Grange Road.

Rotherhithe to Peckham cycle route – This scheme will be accelerated. It was previously consulted on as the Rotherhithe Movement Plan.

Peckham Rye East Side – Part of Peckham Rye will be converted to buses and cycles only north of Nunhead Lane. We don’t know how far north this will extend yet.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Modal Filters

Rye Lane pedestrian and cycle access only – This has already been implemented. Rye Lane is now pedestrianised with access for people cycling.

Dulwich Phase 2 – This set of schemes will supplement the Dulwich Village junction and Melbourne Grove filters. No details have been announced, but we anticipate this will cover a similar area to the Our Healthy Streets Dulwich proposal, creating a low traffic neighbourhood in the Dulwich Village Ward.

Great Suffolk Street / Southwark Bridge Road LTN – Details have not been announced yet, but proposed interventions will improve cycling and walkability of the area bound by Southwark Street to the north and Webber Street to the south.

Grove Hill Road Cycles Only – This one is a bit unclear, but it sounds like the junction with Dog Kennel Hill will only be for cycles from Grove Hill Road. This will complement the Champion Hill filter nearby. This will reduce traffic at Dog Kennel Hill Primary School.

Bermondsey Street – This has been needed for a long time. Modal filters will be placed between Whites Grounds and Tanner Street. Cycle contraflows will be installed on the northern section of Bermondsey Street and on Snowsfields. The Council will also trial removing signals at the Bermondsey Street / St Thomas Street / Crucifix Lane and convert it to a raised, give way junction.

East Dulwich/Melbourne Grove North LTN – A Low traffic neighbourhood will eliminate the cut through between Grove Vale and East Dulwich Grove. This will most likely include filters on Melbourne Grove, Derwent Grove, Elsie Road and possibly Tintagel Crescent.

School Streets

Some sort of a school street programme will be included with the East Dulwich and Dulwich Phase 2 LTNs. This will cover The Charter School, Goose Green Primary School, and Alleyns School.

In addition to this, the Council will assess the remaining schools in the borough for permeable closure options (approx 20 per month for 3 months). Schools will receive one of the following measures:

  • At any time closures – Where feasible introduce at any time closures around school gates to help assist with social distancing and encourage active travel.
  • Footway widening – Where at any time closures are not possible, introduce footway widenings around schools to assist with social distancing.
  • Timed closures – Where the above are not possible work, with schools to help them manage the surrounding streets to provide more space at peak times.

Pedestrian Improvements

Lordship Lane – This has also been implemented already. Barriers have been put up to widen the pavement between Hansler Road and Bawdale Road.

The following measure have also been announced, but further details have not been given.

  • Elephant Road – Extending footways to accommodate social distancing.
  • Walworth Road – Suspend parking bays to extend footways to accommodate social distancing.
  • Bermondsey Street – Suspend parking bays to extend footways to accommodate social distancing in 5 locations.
  • Bedale Street – Extend footways to accommodate social distancing.
  • Stoney Street – Extend footways to accommodate social distancing.
  • Park Street – Extend footways by suspending parking bays to accommodate social distancing.
  • Lavington Street – Introduce 1-way traffic flow and widen footways from the junction of Ewer Street to Great Suffolk Street.
  • Mermaid Court – Pedestrianise Mermaid Court from Borough High Street to 1 Mermaid Court to provide wider footways for pedestrian use.

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