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Quietway 1 cyclist numbers still increasing

The linear increase in cyclists on Q1 continues. Peak flows at the Dunton Rd crossing have increased steadily since 2014 with peak morning flows up by an average of 165 riders per year.  This means we are now over the 1000 per hour mark in the am peak, a 350% increase in 5 years.  On occasions more than 30 cyclists cross on a single stage on the lights.  Rate of increase on current levels is 16% per year.

Is this just what is happening on all routes?  Sadly, no.  On Jamaica Rd the rate is 5% per year.  TfL figures for the Congestion Charge Zone show just 2% per year.  Dept for Transport counts for Inner London are rising at about 4% per year.

It is worth considering why Q1 is so successful.  I think major factors are:

  • Lewisham-Southwark section provides 4 and a half kilometers of route with only 1 dodgy junction and no stop lights – the route flows.
  • It flows because the route was well designed by cyclists – Sustrans, not inexperienced “Consultants” (in Southwark’s case usually Aecom).
  • Additional crossings were built or modified and side road priorities were changed.

Sadly this good practice has not been maintained.

Latest counts on 1st May 2019. Previous posts June 2018  and Aug 2016

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