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Look – No Bollards! Work on Quietway 1 gets underway

Work on the eastern sections of Quietway 1 has started.  Photo shows the link between Oxley Close and Chaucer Drive.  This is where the “Forest of Bollards” used to be.  No bollards at all now, so locals are driving through!  Note the “Cyclists Dismount” sign next to the white bicycles stencilled on the path!  Eventually there will be a single bollard at each end.

Other Q1 work at junction of Lynton Rd and Chaucer Drive where a raised table is being put in.  Causing a road closure of Lynton Rd between Chaucer Drive and Dunton Road.  Anyone noticed the effect on traffic?  Might be a good place for a filter.

The blocking of Chaucer Drive at Lynton Rd means there is not exit for residents of Chaucer Drive and nearby streets.  So this is presumably why the link to Oxley Close has been left open for motors and the new bollards will go in when the work at Lynton Rd is finished.

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