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Have counted traffic on Jamaica Road from my flat during the lockdown. Able to compare with data collected over the last 8 years.

Key findings are

  • Weekend cycling up 200% with 60-70% mode share.
  • Working week cycling down 33%, but rising. Motor traffic down 35% and very slowly increasing.
  • % female cyclists is significantly up on pre-lockdown
  • Commuter “transport” cycling (as opposed to “leisure” cycling) is possibly down by 70%.
  • So some good, some bad news here. Leaves open the question of whether routine “transport” cycling will even recover to pre-lockdown levels when there is a full return to work and motor traffic increases.

The Government’s data for England as a whole shows an increase in cycling during the working week of 55% in first week of June (compared with the first week in March).  Note that in Inner London there is always an increase of about 15-20% between March and June (longer day, better weather). No comparison with comparable levels from past years or where they counted or time of day ( 

Note, the level of transport cycling is crucial if cycling is to make a contribution to everyday cycling post-lockdown and to reduce any rise in car driving in cities.

Fuller report on the Jamaica Road changes is at

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