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Is Cycling up or down?

Weekend cycling is still up on pre-pandemic levels. As described in my post in Feb 2021 levels in Jamaica Rd increased 200% in May last year during lockdown one. This is also shown on the right half of the slide above (presented at the 2021 AGM on Nov 10th). Weekend cycling is still close to 100% above pre-pandemic values.

The situation for weekday peak cycling (left half of slide) is very different. This fell to 40% early in the pandemic. It has now risen to 66%, still well down on pre-pandemic levels. The am and pm peak flows comprise mostly people going to work. Government surveys indicate that return to work travel in London is only at 48% of pre-pandemic levels and Underground passenger levels (weekdays and weekends) are 58%. Thus 66% for cycling appears to indicate a higher proportion of commuters cycling than pre-pandemic.

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