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Consultation closes 17 December 2021

Southwark council are currently consulting on a scheme to allegedly improve cycling in Bellenden Road area (west of Rye Lane) as part of the council’s flagship “Southwark Spine” route.

Many people were deeply disappointed when the council pulled out the road closures on Rye Lane. In response, the council promised to fast track improvements to Bellenden Road to make this a similarly safe, inviting route to cycle.

Regrettably, the proposals up for consultation are extremely poor, with slight changes to pavements and parking. They would do absolutely nothing to improve conditions for cycling and very little for walking.

Local residents, Southwark Cyclists and others have told the council on numerous occasions that this area is extremely unpleasant for cycling; the problem is that these local streets are overrun with excessive traffic. 

The real solution is simple; restrict motor traffic going through the area.

Southwark Council knows that motor traffic restrictions are effective and popular. They have seen the success of modal filters installed as part of the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Walworth, Brunswick, Dulwich, North Peckham and elsewhere which they are now making permanent.

It is vital that as many people as possible tell Southwark Council to not proceed with this scheme, and instead come back with proposals for a full Low Traffic Neighbourhood. That is the only solution that would address the real barriers to safe cycling for Bellenden Village and make the Southwark Spine achieve its aim of getting more people cycling. 

A low traffic neighbourhood would be more cost effective, and improve conditions on many more streets in the area, enabling people of all ages and abilities to more safely walk, cycle and scoot to the many schools, shops, parks in the Bellenden and wider area, and importantly enable people to walk and cycle safely to Peckham Rye Station and Rye Lane. 

We urge you to respond to this consultation today. The important question is #6 “Do you have any other ideas for improvements to the road or pavement in the Bellenden Village area?”. We encourage you to respond and ask the council to install modal filters (e.g. planters, bollards, bus gates) to stop motor traffic in the area to prioritise walking and cycling. 

Responses need to be submitted before the consultation closes on 17 December. You can find the consultation here. For those short on time, you can email your thoughts to

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