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Healthy Ride Report, 22nd Nov 2014

An amazing 16 riders in Peckham Square on a rainy morning with a pretty iffy forecast. All well prepared for some rain, which in the end never materialised. Uphill start to Telegraph Hill using LCN 65 route that I had discovered from the recent Southwark Council Consultation on proposed “improvements”. Then run down to the Waterlink Way at Brookmill Park, along National Route 21, over Halfpenny Bridge (LCN 2) and NR4 to the Cutty Sark. Brief break there with photos (not received any yet, but they were taken!). Back through Deptford (Edward St, Childers St, Folkestone Gardens), and along Surrey Canal Rd (LCN 2). Next the lovely path across Bridgehouse Meadows followed by the dreadful non-crossing of Old Kent Rd to Brimmington Park. With 16 cyclists caused a mini traffic jam there – not good…. Finally wound our way through to Commercial Way and the Canal path and back to Peckham Square. For route see

Next ride Dec 13th, Canada Water.

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