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Fire of London Healthy Ride – another record turnout

33 riders showed up for the Sept 3rd Healthy Ride themed to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London.  This tops the 31 who took part in the 16th July ride to Trinity Buoy Wharf (see report).  Set out from Canada Water just after 10am and headed for Southwark Bridge with a short diversion to the Globe, close to where sparks caused a small fire in Southwark.  Real challenge keeping the group together when at most light-controlled junctions it was taking us 2 phases to get across.  From Southwark Bridge along the E-W suerhighway to the Victoria Embankment just past Blackfriars.  There we admired the wooden model of the pre-fire Ciy.  Were they really going to burn this on Sunday Sept 4th? From Blackfriars skirted the west edge of the fire then cut a bit to visit Pie Corner, the memorial in Smithfield that claims the Great Fire was caused by gluttony (see link).  From there on to the Monument where there was a small exhibition.  Back to Canada Water via London Bridge and the river route (Nat Route 4). Big thanks to Werner for planning and leading this ride.

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