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Rye Lane to close from January 7th
On October 30, 2018

And it will stay closed for more than a year. “Approximately 13months” says Southern Gas Networks. All buses and cars will be diverted via Copeland Road except the P13 which will use Lyndhurst Way. Cyclists …………well, seven years after negotiations began and two months before work starts what happens to cyclists is still “under discussion”. Mustn’t grumble. .

However, more cheerfully, and less grumpily, Peckham and Nunhead Community council meeting on November 14th is going to discuss “creative ways to turn what seems a difficult situation into an opportunity”  Which could be interesting and highly desirable.

Before that Southern Gas Networks will be providing some facts (and some pictures) at a drop-in and exhibition in Rye Lane Baptist Church (near Primark) on November 1st 4-7pm. Facts are always useful. The works will be a rolling programme up Rye Lane so no traffic will be able to go end to end.

However we hope for better permeability on the Bellenden side to enable cyclists to go around the works without risking their lives on Copeland Road. At the moment a tangle of one-way streets, and railway lines blocks off the ways through. Now that would  be turning a difficult situation into an opportunity. 


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