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Quietways: critical fails analysis rides

These are the first seven Quietways. Tfl reckons there are (or will be) lots more now. But are they any good? Just one bad junction is enough to send would-be new riders back to the bus. These bad bits are called “critical fails” by TfL and it wants to know about them.

LCC are running a series of rides to look specially at the bad bits with a critical eye. Transport activist Sean Howes, who organised Take The Lane in Southwark, will be running ours. The first of two will on the 27th starting at 10am and it will cover  QW14, QW1 and QW7. Everyone is welcome to join in. The grumpier the better but well informed is better still. Please look first at

This group of determined men and women will meet outside the Prince William Henry at 216-219 Blackfriars Road SE1 8NL. Sean is a large, roundish chap on a green Brompton. He’s cheerful and loud.

Together they will cycle the bit of QW14 that’s in Southwark and then loop back up the Southwark section of QW1 and topping off the day with QW7 where they don’t expect to have to look very hard.

The routes of these are shown and they will be looking at the CLOS critical fails on both the built and proposed sections. Could be they will find some. 

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