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Quietway 7 runs from Elephant and Castle south through Burgess Park, Camberwell and Dulwich to Crystal Palace.

Official Southwark Council update from January

 Albany Road (Burgess Park)

Work is physically starting any day now at the junction of Portland Place and Albany Road (north edge of Burgess Park.) This is the most unpleasant junction on our regular bike train, and we’re looking forward to having separate bike phases and an easy-to-understand layout for new riders.

Edmund Street humps

The new humps on Edmund Street are being redone so that they are sinusoidal. This means they won’t be so unpleasant to ride over and will be safe for cargo trike users. (They were supposed to be sinusoidal in the first place – this may be the contractors’ error.)


Stay tuned for Part 2: Quietway 7 on Camberwell Grove and Champion Hill.

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