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Quietway 1: Lynton Road to Rothsay Street: Current situation
  1. Compared with 2014, 34% more cyclists are using the Q1/LCN22 route along Lynton Rd and Willow Walk
  2. Motor traffic has also increased, particularly turning left from Lynton Rd, up from 44/hr to 110/hr, a 150% increase. This means 2-3 left-turning vehicles on most light phases.
  3. 88% of cyclists leave Q1 at the end of Willow Walk. Only 12% are using the new path through to Webb St and the re-aligned crossing of Tower Bridge Rd to Rothsay St.
  4. This raises some interesting questions, including:
    1. Why has motor traffic increased on Lynton Rd?
    2. Have problems with pedestrians at the Tower Bridge Rd crossing put cyclists off using Q1 west of Willow Walk?

This is a summary of  a report by Bruce Lynn, mostly based on visits at morning peak Jan 27th and 28th 2016

Full report is here: Evolution of Quietway 1

Data from counts is here: Q1_counts_Dunton_TBR

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