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To get from Burgess Park at the south to New Kent Road at the north, the Quietway 7 goes up Portland Street (the lesser, not the Great), over East Street, and up Brandon Street.

This route has recently had the minor improvement of speed cushions being replaced with speed humps, and the junction with Albany Road is being excellently reconfigured with a separate cycle phase.

However, this doesn’t stop drivers from passing cyclists on Portland Street far too close, far too often. We’d like to get a picture of how pervasive this problem is, and how we could stop the most impatient drivers from using this supposedly quiet way. So if you get close-passed on Portland Street or Brandon Street, please fill in this form:

And as with any careless or dangerous driving, you can report close pass incidents to the police: This tells the police where the problem spots are, and which drivers bear closer scrutiny.

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