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One-way filter on Quietway 7 gets the go-ahead for trial

A trial filter on Champion Hill has been given the go-ahead and should be in place by February 11th. It’s only one-way but that’s better than nothing. Most people (57%) who responded to the consultation supported the trial, rising to 71% on Champion Hill itself. The consultation response says dryly “Further afield there was less support for the trial”. If you didn’t live on Champion Hill but just drove down it very fast, you thought things were just fine as they are.

Baseline data which is bound to show filthy air and lots of through traffic is being collected now and compared at the end. The report says: The trial will be carefully coordinated with the Camberwell Traffic Management Study (currently in early stages of the project) where possible to ensure joined working and a single purpose outcome of creating Healthy Streets for all in the Camberwell area. We are also coordinating with other road works in the area during the trial monitoring and construction.

Opponents of the closure are more than a little conflicted — arguing both that no one uses the cut-through and so it is a waste of resources and also that the displaced traffic will swamp neighbouring roads.

One place displaced traffic might go is down newly re-opened Camberwell Grove which is another bit of Quietway 7. There’s certainly no point in moving rat-runners from one bit of Quietway 7 to another. We asked for a full filter and monitoring of Camberwell Grove to ensure traffic didn’t move there.

There will be further consultations once the filter is in place. We will be posting links to them here when available.

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