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One-way filter on Quietway 7. Any good?
On October 1, 2018

A filter on Champion Hill but unhappily only stopping rat-running traffic in one direction. Still half a loaf is better than none. So what does this one do? Or rather what will it do because it’s not going in until next spring and it will be a trial for 6-12 months.

Details, maps, survey are here and there’s a discussion thread on Cyclescape here

The council has promised before and after monitoring for traffic numbers and pollution. One place displaced traffic might go is down newly re-opened Camberwell Grove which is another bit of Quietway 7. It’s not entirely clear that the council intends the counting and monitoring to include this road so they need reminding to do so. No point in moving rat-runners from one bit of Quietway 7 to another.

A full filter, and no displacement down Camberwell Grove. Anything else? Please put your views on cyclescape, repeat them here and complete the survey yourself. Remember to include details of all the scary things which have happened to you on Champion Hill, If we don’t tell them, they won’t know.

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