On November 6, 2020

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Our AGM is approaching – join us for a look back at the year. We are launching a short ‘Thank you’ campaign to thank councillors for schemes in your areas. We have ways to help you keep riding during the second lockdown. Finally, we recognise this year’s LCC Campaign Award winners in Southwark.

Southwark Cyclists AGM

Our Annual General Meeting is next Wednesday, 11 November at 6:30pm. We are celebrating this year’s volunteers and successes through stories and quizzes as well as looking back at what’s happened in Southwark this year. The meeting will run an hour, with everyone invited to stay on for a virtual social at the end.

Anyone may attend our AGM, you do not need to be an LCC member, but you do need to be a member to vote. The AGM will be held on Zoom and you can register here.

Thank Southwark for schemes near you

Has Southwark Council implemented a Streetspace scheme near you or where you travel? All these schemes have been put in using Experimental Traffic Orders. That means that they need to be assessed within 18 months to be made permanent. Tell your councillors and cabinet members how these changes made a difference for you. Take a photo of the measures so they can see the difference it’s made. You can use our handy template. It’s always best to use your own words, but the template can help you get started.

If you don’t have a photo or a new scheme near you, we have templates and other ways you can show your support on our website.

Riding during lockdown

We’re pausing our Healthy Rides while we’re in lockdown, but we still have ways to help you get out and ride. We have a set of “do-it-yourself” routes around Southwark.

You’re still able to meet with one other person outside your household, so we are continuing with our Cycle Buddies programme. We pair up experienced riders with new ones to help them gain some confidence cycling on the street. You can sign up for Cycle Buddies here or help us promote the scheme by sharing this flyer.

LCC Campaigner Awards

The London Cycling Campaign held their campaigner awards last week and Southwark had some big wins with three awards.

  • Southwark Council was highly commended for their Streetspace work for some of the bold schemes we’ve seen including Rye Lane, the Walworth low traffic neighbourhood, modal filters in Dulwich, and upcoming plans on Bermondsey Street and Lower Road.
  • Clean Air for Dulwich was also highly commended for best communication initiative. You may have seen their banners at Dulwich schools about the dangers of air pollution inside cars.
  • Laurie Johnston from Dulwich and Herne Hill Safe Routes to School was awarded active travel campaigner of the year for all the work she’s done, particularly around Our Healthy Streets Dulwich and the Streetspace measures that brought us Dulwich Square.

Congratulations to all and you can view all the winners here.

That’s it for this month and we hope to see you at our AGM.

Stay safe and happy cycling,