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London Bridge/Tooley St: GO SLOW!!

We have had 4 working days with the new one way+contraflow scheme on Duke St HIll and Tooley St. There have been occasional difficulties due to the high numbers of pedestrians crossing from the station.  Pedestrians are often crossing on red, i.e. when cycists have green.  Particular issue for cyclists heading east towards Tower Bridge who can get up a good speed coming down the hill.

TfL, Network Rail and Costain have been making changes to improve things.  But there is still a way to go.  In the meantime we need cyclists to exercise great care near the station entrances.  In particular cyclists heading east past the station in the evening peak need to go much more slowly than usual.  Pedestrians often have a poor view of cyclists approaching and are forever stepping into the cycle lane.  There have been several collisions.

The scheme will eventually work,  But while the initial problems are being sorted, please be understanding and avoid fast, aggresive cycling at the crossings.  We lobbied hard to get the contraflow – so make sure we keep it….

Attached is a detailed report from Francis Bernstein who with me has been monitoring the scheme on a daily basis.  Also an overview and summary of proposed changes.  If you have suggestions, please post them on the Southwark Cyclists Google group (!topic/southwarkcyclists/KzlLQMx2v_8)

Tooley St 5May2016 v1s      Detailed analysis of some problems with illustrations

Update_May6_Tooley St      Summary of situation Friday 6th plus proposed changes

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