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Floored by a hit-and-run?

Here’s something you can do after you’ve picked yourself up, examined the damage and scoured the neighbourhood for CCTV. Rat runs can be dangerous places, infested with rats who run you down and don’t stop. Here’s a couple of ways to push road safety up the political agenda and make car insurance more expensive:

  1. Tell the police as soon as you can. This is always a good idea because it puts you in the casualty stats and the next time some “war-on-the-motorist” type denies there’s a problem, we have some stats to show there is.
  2. Take the crime number which the police will give you to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) who pay up when drivers run away. If a driver/motorcyclist does not stop at the scene of an incident,
    you can still get compensation through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB). All motor insurance policies contribute to this fund which covers hit and run incidents and also incidents caused by
    uninsured drivers.Be quick because there are strict time limits for these claims, including having to report the incident to the Police within 5 days if you want to claim for damage to personal property. The time limits can be found here:
  3. Feel better, rest the sore bits, stop shaking with anger and shock. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

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