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(pending minutes, which are not yet available)

  1. Filtered permeability. Pete invited to discuss detail with officers.
  2. Cycle parking. Scale of the problem recognised. Southwark Cyclists (SC) offered to prepare a paper for the next CJSG meeting.
  3. HGVs.  Southwark’s contractors’ vehicles. Preliminary discussion. Follow up at next meeting.
  4. Development control. Discussion on enforcement of section 106 conditions on cycle parking. . Follow up at next meeting.
  5. Contraflows. SC submitting proposals.
  6. 20 mph enforcement. Continuing lobbying on average speed cameras. Development of Community Speed Watch.
  7. Heygate development. Planning application soon, including Heygate Street.
  8. Space4Cycling. Officers have been asked to assess SC’s asks.
  9. Cycle Superhighways. Next joint ride, on CS4, due on April 15.

Alastair Hanton, April 10 2014

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