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St Thomas St consultation – we say “strongly disagree” because eastbound cycling not allowed.

Southwark Cyclists have responded negatively to the plans for St Thomas St.  The proposal does reduce motor traffic levels and speeds (if enforced).  But crucially it does not allow cycling in both directions and does not allow cyclists to get from St Thomas street to London Bridge.  The faults mean that useful routes to Guys Hospital, and through connections from London Bridge to Quietways 14 and 1 are not supported by the proposed scheme.  Given the Mayor’s much trumpeted “Healthy Streets” agenda these deficits are surprising.  Looks as though, as we see frequently, Southwark Council and TfL are way “off message”.  It is to be hoped that in the light of our response, and similar comments from the London Cycling Campaign, the planners will think again and will make the quite small changes needed before implementing the scheme.

Our response is logged here at List of all current or recent Consultations can be accessed at

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