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Sad to say, this isn’t a picture of Bellenden Village. It could be but it won’t be. Everyone says they want children to get outdoors, take exercise and have fun. Cycling ticks all those boxes. Southwark is committed to 8-80 cycling — they talk the talk but somehow walking the walk is too much for them.

Ok, lament over. The council’s plans for the Spine cycle route through Bellenden are pretty poor. Unbelievably they make a dangerous situation more dangerous. There’s some attempt at protecting cyclists from traffic but it’s not enough and fizzles out where it’s most needed. Paint on the road won’t protect children from traffic. It’s confusing, inadequate and insufficient.

That’s a big shame because it would be possible to put a really good 8-80 route through Bellenden Village with big wins for the shops, shoppers, pedestrians and cyclists. Money can’t be spent twice and this scheme would be a waste of it. Save it for something worthwhile, Southwark.

Fuller, more measured response here:

Southwark Cyclists response to Spine consultation

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