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Bombardier -Thameslink route

Fed up with the trains? Take your bike instead — cheap and reliable 

Starting from 30th March, we will be running Bike Trains from Nunhead and Peckham Rye stations up to Blackfriars — taking in two parks, a traffic-calmed backstreet, a cyclists only bypass around the E&C and the lovely new segregated cycle lanes.

Our leader will be an experienced cyclist trained to do this sort of thing — backed up by volunteers keeping the riders safe at the back and sides. The idea is to leave Nunhead around 8am, pick up more riders at Peckham Rye around 8.10am and arrive at Blackfriars around 8.45am.

We will give you a map of the route on your phone with a set of instructions so that you can find your way back. The ride is after the hour change so you will have daylight all the way home unless you are doing overtime.

This will be the first of a series although if no one comes we will give up eventually. If lots of people want to come but don’t want to go to Blackfriars we will think about running rides on to London Bridge and even from other places entirely (like Gipsy Hill) to Charing Cross.

To take part, turn up:). You will need a bike and you will want to have a good lock to secure your bike while you work or it won’t  be there when you come back. To prepare find your bike, pump up the tyres and check that they don’t go down again by themselves. Take a look around work and find a place to lock your bike up.

Er……………that’s it.

Update: Practice the route on a day out with our guide to the history of the area! Download the Discover the history of Southwark by Bike Train

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