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Quietway 2

TfLs new Cycling Quietways programme gets underway this year and one of the first 2 routes, Quietway 2 (Q2), runs across the north of Southwark (Route is shown at Delivery of each segment is being carried out by local boroughs. The Southwark segment of Q2 will be out to public consultation soon. Southwark Cyclists were invited to a pre-consultation meeting with Chris Mascord (Senior Engineer, Public Realm, Southwark Council) to look at plans.

Meeting was on 4 July and proved extremely interesting. A detailed report is available, Quietway 2v02

. Key points were:

  1. Some very good plans and pretty much everything an improvement.
  2. However the aim of a route that new cyclists would find unthreatening is not met.
  3. Crucially protection from left-turning motor traffic, a common cause of collisions, is largely absent.
  4. The requirement for safe right turns within, onto and off the route has also largely not been met.

This was a really useful meeting and we are extremely grateful to Chris, Dileep and Gaurav for a full and helpful discussion.

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