Southwark Council is currently consulting on a series of road changes in the Walworth area as part of the Our Healthy Walworth: Streetspace review. At Southwark Cyclists, we think the changes have made a big difference, with some amazing increases in walking and cycling, and that they should be kept permanently.

But for the schemes to be considered really successful in reducing vehicle emissions and rat running and enabling safe cycling and walking, more changes are needed, including expanding the Walworth East Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN).

Respond to the consultation and prioritise answering question 2 under each measure. Our responses are as follows:

  • Browning Street
    • C. Modify the current measures at this location (please describe below)
    • The permeable filter on Browning Street should be kept, and improvements to transform the streetspace like those shown above should be pursued. However, in addition, dedicated traffic signals for cycles should be installed on the traffic lights when exiting Browning Street and Manor Place to ensure safer crossing of Walworth Road when cycling.
  • All other measures

    • B. Keep the changes (with improvements to transform the streetspace like those shown above if applicable).
  • Further Comments
    • We would like to see the area expanded to the east to include Portland/Brandon Street which is Cycleway 17. Traffic levels are still too high on this route to cater to all ages and all abilities cycling.
    • We would like to see further improvements to the Walworth Road to provide safe space for cycling and improve the environment for pedestrians.
    • We think it’s great that the council is looking at ways to improve greening if the scheme is made permanent. This should include adding more green space in the place of parking, wider, smoother pavements, and more cycle parking.
    • Address the high level of HGVs and high speed traffic on John Ruskin Street. Additionally address issues of through traffic on nearby streets including Balfour Street and Elstead Street.

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