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Sean Howes
On January 29, 2019

Southwark trails behind most inner London boughs when it comes to Controlled Parking Zones. They are key to getting parking under control and ensure locals have both the right and space to park while stopping non local traffic from blocking up residential streets bringing traffic, pollution and danger. More broadly they are key to freeing up kerb side space and a great tool in helping communities gain cycle parking, trees and filtered street. They also clear space for protected bike lanes.

Often opposition will claim CPZs are bad for business though the evidence does not support that. The short version is people who walking & cycle are good for business and business owners over estimate how many people come by car. Local people making short trips on foot and by bicycle are what supports local businesses. For more details TFL provide : and Cycling Fallacies :

Getting control of parking is a victory for all. Currently Southwark is consulting on a CPZ in Dulwich and Southwark Cyclists strongly supports the proposals. You can see our consultation response here. There is however as always opposition from those who falsely claim CPZs will destroy the local business. So we are calling on our members who live locally to support the plans here:

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