Southwark Cyclists response to this consultation has now been submitted.  Here is the pdf file of the submission:



Consultation on route from Tooley St just west of Tower Bridge Rd to Greenwich (Creek Rd) opened 28 Sept 2017 and will close 19th Nov 2017.

As part of our campaign to support these proposals documents have been prepared looking at the Southwark section of the scheme from the viewpoint of pedestrians and motor transport users, as well as cyclists.  These documents should help in discussions with non-cyclists about the scheme.

Key point for cyclists.  This is a very well-designed scheme.  We are being offered a continuous 2km bidirectional cycle lane, 3-4m wide.  This will be fast and safe.  Details here  CS4 Consultation_Cyclist_pointofview

Key improvements for pedestrians are to crossings, mostly of Jamaica Rd.  There are 3 completely new crossings of Jamaica Rd:

  1. West side of Jamaica Rd at Abbey St
  2. West side of Jamaica Rd at St James Rd
  3. At Cathay St/Entrance to Southwark Park (a crossing that has been promised for at least 10 years!)

10 junctions will have the pedestrian crossings improved.

  • 7 will be widened,
  • 2 will be speeded up by going from 2-part to a single crossing.
  • 2 will be speeded up by narrowing the motor traffic carriageway

Details here  CS4 Consultation_pedestrian_gains

Motorised traffic, including buses.  Key issue.

CS4 runs through one of the worst traffic bottle necks in London – the Rotherhithe Tunnel roundabout.  We need to be very careful to separate out any effects of CS4 from those due (a) to the present dire traffic management situation and (b) to changes tacked on to the CS4 plan to try to improve bus times.

The only loss of lane capacity on the CS4 route is on parts of the westbound route from Drummond Rd to Dockhead where buses and general traffic will share one lane.  The one lane will provide plenty of capacity.  At junctions the present number of lanes is maintained.

Details here:  CS4 Consultation_motors

Public Realm Enhancements

TfL claim there are sigificant public realm enhancements.  In fact these are modest, see details: CS4 Consultation_Public_REalm