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Creating the best people environment around London Bridge Station

London Bridge Station is being transformed. This provides the opportunity to look at the area around the station and ask: “How can we make this better for pedestrians and cyclists?”  A Cycle Superhighway along Tooley Street and crossing London Bridge is planned.  But what else would we like?

Team London Bridge have produced a report by consultants, the London Bridge Connectivity Study, looking at future options for traffic movements.  Southwark Cyclists have received a copy and we have now produced a response, written my Bruce Lynn.  The Overview section reads:

“Recent work commissioned by Team London Bridge has looked at how the street environment around the redeveloped London Bridge Station might be improved. Tooley St and St Thomas St are the key streets. The report argues for better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, with less space for motor traffic. From a cyclist’s perspective this all sounds good. However, the detail is not always good and there is much too much emphasis on one-way streets. So what comes next? The report envisages a “Stage 2” for “a more detailed Feasibility Design Study”. This will involve Southwark Council and TfL. There is a real challenge for these bodies. It would be possible to create a superb street environment around the station and linking through to the Thames waterfront. But only if motor traffic is substantially reduced. It will require real leadership at a political level to achieve this and to create something special in the wake of the station redevelopment.”

Click here to see full response. Southwark_Cyclists_London Bridge Area_02


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