We call on our future councillors to reduce motor traffic vehicle speeds on Rotherhithe Street and achieve a safer cycling environment.

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Rotherhithe Street is a busy road that runs parallel to the Thames. It is the only road access to many riverside residences and Peter Hills School, and it’s on the C10 bus route.

The street is very narrow in places as there is parking on both sides, and cyclists are squeezed by motor traffic. The 20mph speed limit is often ignored and seldom enforced.

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 LCC policy area 5: 20mph speed limits

Increasingly it is accepted that 20mph speed limits save lives, and they are being implemented on residential roads across many London boroughs. Where cyclists must share space with motor traffic, reducing the speed differential is important: both for reducing the risk of death and injury, and for creating more pleasant cycling and walking environments. Yet many parts of London are still 30mph; although it’s great to see boroughs adopting 20mph limits often it’s only on ‘residential roads’, meaning that local high streets can still carry inappropriately fast traffic.