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Healthy Ride 29 Feb 2020. Report by Bruce Lynn

So a leap day on a Saturday. But not weather to celebrate!! Despite an improving forecaset, as we approached start time there was heavy, icy, rain accompanied by blustery winds. Despite this, there were 5 of us at the start and we headed off, into the wind, scoffing at the elements.

Soon reached the Thames at Vauxhall and followed the Thames path westward. Now quite exposed to the strong SW wind. Fortunately the rian was easing. Reached the Wandle and admired the strong flow – never seen so much water flowing under the bridge. Then a nice surprice, the bit of Thames path that has been closed for some years as more flats were being built was open. Very nicely paved in lightish blocks. This bit of path took us straight to Wandsworth Park and Coffee.

Jamie entered the small cafe and immediately emerged asking me “Is there an alternative cafe”. I said “No”. But on entering realized the problem, there was standing room only. So we stood clutching our hot drinks and re-warming nicely. What seemed like just moments later looked outside and we were in bright sunshime with blue sky to the west. The joys of the British weather.

So the return leg was rather easier than the outward. The sun shone and with a decent tail wind we were back at Burgess Park half an hour early and nicely dried out!

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