Principles & objectives

Southwark Cyclists have 10 principles and objectives. They are as follows:

1. Safe cycling on main roads, whether Transport for London’s roads or borough roads, by wherever possible, segregated and protected cycle lanes which are at least 2 metres wide (or wider); where not possible, because of road widths or other factors, maximum traffic speeds of 20 mph, well enforced by speed cameras or otherwise, or other safety features endorsed by a reliable road safety audit; and bicycle friendly junctions – the northern roundabout at the Elephant & Castle has no place in a civilised society. As example, we support continental style designs for roundabouts and tight radii at other junctions.

2. A safe, convenient and continuous network of traffic-free or lightly trafficked routes which make use of green routes, filtered permeability and well enforced 20 mph maximum speed limits.

3. Strong action against danger from all motor vehicles, especially heavy goods vehicles, by the Council incorporating binding conditions on HGV safety and driver training in supply contracts and planning consents, and major businesses doing the same for supply contracts.

4. Adequate cycle parking throughout the borough, including secure residential parking on estates and increased availability around local shops. Distance between stands: at least 1200mm recommended for two sided parking but 1000mm acceptable where space is limited.

5. Campaign with RoadPeace for improved traffic law enforcement, collision investigation and criminal prosecution.

6. Build and develop constructive relationships with Southwark Council and Transport for London while standing up strongly for cyclists’ interests.

7. Promotion of responsible cycling, cycle training and theft prevention.

8. Respect the needs of pedestrians and work closely with Southwark Living Streets.

9. Support London Cycling Campaign’s campaigns and priorities alongside our own.

10. Open, honest and democratic communication, internally and externally.