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Cyclists squeezing past a bus at Camberwell Green

As reported here ….  there is danger at the oval.

Our intrepid Francis  headed down there with TFL and this is the result ……….

“All thanks to Charlie and others for info.  We had a meeting today with Tfl about safety concerns  Southbound Brixton Road. They are looking into see what can be done.

Current layout is not the final design.  I note the following feedback from cyclists I’ve met on site and others:

  • segregated cycle track does not allow access to the current ASL at lights
  • Cyclists have difficulty moving into the appropriate lane position before entering the junction to go “straight ahead” (cyclists observed hand signalling right to go straight ahead).
  • “left turning” vehicles are cutting across cyclists whilst cyclist change lanes to go  “straight over” the junction.
  • Confusing (existing) white line markings may give drivers the impression that cyclists travel towards Camberwell New Rd only (blacken out?).
  • Could better advanced warning signage for temp layout be used (merging signs?)

Click here for pictures – Oval – Brixton Road – Spot Report v1

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