Healthy Riders on South Bank

8 riders at the Peckham start with Bruce leading and David covering the rear.  Gorgeous sunny autumn morning for a ride to the South Bank and back.  Route out down Canal Path, round Burgess Park, along the greenways route to New Kent Road.  Across NKR, Bath Terrace, Gt Suffolk St, Union St and Hatfields.  In plenty of time to visit the small “roadshow” about the proposed Garden Bridge (  3 Tfl staff in an empty room, so we could ask lots of questions (NB not surprising no-one was there as there was no signage directing people to the Coin St Centre).  No plans for cycling across the proposed bridge – problems with space for on/off ramps.  Pointed out that a steep ramp would be OK as long we could cycle across the bridge.  TfL still not taken on board that at peak time there are more cyclists on central London bridges than all other traffic, so contemplating a new bridge without cycling is ridiculous.  Return route parallel to the river (NR4) to Dockhead, then route via Bermondsey Spa Park, Glengall Rd and the Canal Path.  Back spot on 12 noon!  Today’s route at
Next ride Dec 14th, Canada Water start/finish.  Also planning to keep rides running on 2nd and 4th Saturdays through early 2014.