Ride the Monopoly Board

Following the great interest in his Easter Monday long ride (see report here) Werner agreed to attempt a ride of the Monopoly Board. From Old Kent Road to Park Lane with everything in between (including going to Jail). When we posted registration details on Eventbrite all 12 places went within a couple of hours. May 1st turned out dry and cool with 15 riders at the start line next to the Southwark Needle on London Bridge at the early hour of 9am.

Some notes from Werner. “We got back at 13:45, so over four hours but not too bad. At least we were lucky with the weather (and the early start), Leicester Square was easy to get through and lots of outdoor seating and quick service in Regent’s Park.” “Regrouping after Blackfriars, we spent 5-10 minutes at the end of Gt Scotland Yard while one rider spent a penny. A generous half-hour break in Regent’s Park, a quorum for HMP when I asked at New River Head and my Angel detour turned out well. No mechanicals.”

Detailed site by site report from Werner

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