grange_banner_loresWell we did it!  Succesfully got 16 people cycling using a de-luxe approach with individual leafletting of flats and free everything.  Given the low levels of cycling in Southwark, these 16 probably equate to a 9% increase in cycling.  Just from 2 volunteers and £1360 for bike hire and other expenses.

Have learned a huge amount about what works and what does not.  Would love to see a follow-on project using this experience to get people cycling over a larger area than just part of one Ward.

Very happy to come and talk to anyone, anytime, about this.

Summary of Main Aspects of the Study

  1. 1710 households in Grange Ward, Southwark were leafleted offering free bike loan and cycle training to adults.
  2. 18 people responded who comprised a representative cross section of the local population including 72% female and 33% ethnic minority.
  3. At 3-4 months 15 out of 16 are cycling regularly and 7 have obtained their own bicycle.
  4. 13 out of 16 participants are now doing more moderate level physical activity than before the programme, although there has been a reduction in walking.
  5. Leafletting coupled with free bike loan has proved an efficient way to get people exercising and we estimate that over the small area covered there has been a 9% increase in cycling as a result of the pilot project.

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