Southwark Cyclists has established a cycling joint work group. We have identified our aims and objectives. We share this information and more about the working group here.

Aims and objectives

To identify, agree and monitor a programme of targeted interventions to encourage greater numbers and a wider range of people to cycle, more often, more safely in Southwark.


To be attended by:

–       Southwark Council – Cabinet Member for Transport, Environment and Recycling (Chair)

–       Southwark Cyclists

–       Southwark Council – Transport Planning (secretariat)

–       Southwark Council – Planning Policy (as required)

–       Southwark Council – Public realm

Guests will be invited to attend as required.


Bimonthly or as otherwise agreed.

Roles and responsibilities

  • to agree a common approach to provision for cycling in Southwark
  • to identify potential routes for cycling away from busy roads
  • to identify permeability improvements for cyclists across the network
  • to identify and promote innovative approaches to cycling provision
  • to agree a 5 year action plan to increase opportunities for cycling in Southwark
  • to monitor the delivery of the action plan
  • to act as a sounding board at the pre-consultation stage for projects included in the Council’s Transport Investment programme
  • to review and comment on cycle related training, education and publicity programmes.
  • to review and comment on cycle parking provision both on-street at destinations and on the estates and streets where people live.
  • to recognise the need to increase levels of cyclist safety on Southwark’s main roads and to influence that process.