Response Guide for the A202 Peckham High Street Consultation

It’s important to keep in mind this is an interim scheme that is a direct response to 3 pedestrian deaths in this area in the last 5 years, the most recent being in January 2020. TfL are prioritising pedestrian safety improvements and we support these plans from this standpoint. There is a strong need for a much broader plan with safe cycling infrastructure here and this should be asked for in the comments section.

Fill out the consultation

When filling out the consultation we think it’s important to mention these key points:

  • This area is currently too dangerous. We support the safety improvements proposed, particularly for pedestrians.
  • This route has been identified by TfL as a top 25 “strategic” route for cycling. We want protected cycle tracks from Oval to Deptford ASAP. Ask to maintain the current cycle lanes and add semi-segregation with wands.
  • The plans don’t go far enough on a 20mph corridor. This is the biggest issue in the area and camera enforcement is needed. The scheme should be extended on both ends.